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  • Initial Consultation

    Initial Consultation

    Once we have had an initial phone or video call to discuss the basics of your project, we will meet at your home to review the details. During this stage, we will take the time to learn more about your goals and what you hope to achieve, making design suggestions based on our expertise and taking initial measurements and photographs. 
  • Design Agreement & Cost Proposal

    Design Agreement & Cost Proposal

    Serving as the first of two contracts in the process, the Design Agreement explains the scope of the work involved in your project, the design process for your unique needs, and an initial estimate of construction costs. Final construction costs will be determined once materials are selected.
  • Design Process

    Design Process

    To ensure your project includes every detail and improvement you’re hoping to make, we work in phases so every aspect of the design and construction is checked off the list. This process involves a collaboration between our designer and you, each playing an important role in ensuring your vision is brought to life. While your dedicated designer will provide expert technical and creative insight to help bring your design requirements to life, you will assist along the way, making choices for the functional and aesthetic design with the help of our team. 


    During the discovery phase, we take an exploratory approach to your design. At this time, we will make room to learn more about you, your home, what spaces inspire you, and your unique style and preferences. With all this information, we will provide conceptual designs that bring together the technical, lifestyle, material, and aesthetic factors in your project. By the end of this, we will have settled on a design scheme that will further develop during construction. 

    Design Development

    Now it’s time to get into the details of your design. At this time, you can plan to visit showrooms on your own or with your designer, selecting fixtures and finishes to match the design scheme we created. Our team can help facilitate showroom visits and will be available to communicate with vendors to make sure your selections suit your project’s requirements. Once selections are made, your designer will integrate them into the scheme and refine the design. 

    Construction Planning

    As the designer continues to work on your project throughout construction, construction details are addressed to ensure that all materials and fixture selections can be properly integrated into your home. At this time, the designer will ensure everything is consistent with your design while handling communication with vendors, artisans, and builders to ensure everything is implemented as you imagined, without any added stress on your end. 

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  • Construction Contract

    Construction Contract

    The second of the two proposals involved in the process, this agreement will explain the scope of work and delve deeper into the details of the construction process. In addition, final construction costs will be determined at this time. 
  • Construction Process

    Construction Process

    At this time, all contracts are signed and it’s time to begin construction! Your project manager will take over from and be your primary contact throughout the project. They will manage the project schedule, track materials and fixture arrival dates, and keep you informed of the progress of the project. We will handle all communications with vendors, artisans, and builders to ensure this complicated communication is not one left to you. 
  • We Stay In Touch

    We Stay In Touch

    At Zen Renovations, we stay connected with all our clients through the years, providing ongoing support as needed. Once we are done with the final walk-through, our team will remain available for any questions or to address any issues or concerns if they arise. We offer a 5-year warranty to our customers for the completed work.

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