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Zen Renovations Partnership!

Welcome to Renofi: Zen Renovations Partnership!

Making Renovations Possible For You, the Homeowner

Why Choose Renofi for Your Renovation Financing

  • Make Your Wishlist a Reality

    • Say goodbye to budget constraints, as we provide financing based on the actual cost of your renovation project
    • Unlock opportunities to enhance and upscale your project
  • Achieve Your Dream Renovation Within Budget

    • Manage your project as a monthly expense, rather than a lump sum payment
    • Turn a savings exercise into a budgeting exercise
  • Overcome Financing Challenges

    • Break through financing hurdles and ensure your project moves forward
    • Get funding even if your wishlist exceeds your initial budget expectations

What Sets Renofi Apart

  • No Hidden Fees, No Commitments

    • No fees or contracts tying you down
    • Enjoy the flexibility of exploring your financing options with no commitments
  • Financing Tailored to Your Home's Future Value

    • Loans based on the projected value of your home after renovations
    • Benefit from secure financing options, specifically designed to meet your unique requirements
  • Keep Your Existing Mortgage

    • No need to refinance your current mortgage to access renovation financing
    • Maintain your existing mortgage agreement while unlocking the funds you need
  • 100% Loan Proceeds to You

    • Receive the full loan amount without any deductions or fees
    • Use the funds to cover all aspects of your renovation project
  • Simplified Process

    • No inspections or contractor involvement with loan funds
    • Get easy and hassle-free financing approval for your renovation
  • We look forward to being part of your home renovation journey!

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